Play Pokemon Go Without Going Anywhere and Without Root

Pokémon Go is a location-based game which requires phone GPS location to play. Pokémon Go GPS is established same as your set location mode by google map on your phone, but the problem here is to cheat Pokémon Go App using fake locations.

One thing to remember with these apps is that the names are going to sound identical, given that they’re catering to a specific set of audience. This makes these apps easier to find as well. Anyway, this particular app comes with a comprehensive set of features, allowing you to easily switch your GPS location without much worry. You simply have to search for the location of your choice and your GPS will automatically switch to the region. This is as easy as they come really, although there are some other things to keep in mind, especially if you’re looking to uninstall the app.

The developers mention that it’s imperative to change back to your original location before uninstalling the app, as the device could be tricked into believing that the fake location is the original location. In case you see this issue, you simply have to install the app back, set your actual location and keep it that way for a while. These are small caveats in what is otherwise a pretty handy application. The app is a free download, and you don’t need to make any in-app purchases to unlock features. Be sure to check it out from the Play Store.



There are many free Spoof Location Apps for Pokémon Go Android to install from Google Play Store which are working with all version of Pokémon Go App. These working Mock GPS Apps include VPNa-Fake GPS Location Free, Fake GPS Pro, Fly GPS Fake Location, GPS Joystick Fake GPS Location, Fly GPS-Location fake/Fake GPS, etc. These apps help in spoofing, virtual travel, Coordinate Navigation, Pin Favourite Locations and control the Avatar using Joystick. It is advisable to install any of the apps, try to generate a copy using underneath technique.


Start up the Mock GPS App and set location then start. Now you can enjoy the Pokémon Go with Fake GPS. Download it from the given button below..,

Currently this three are the only app that tends to work with all the security updates & allows you to change your location using arrow keys. You can try the free ones as it has worked for Galaxy S9’s latest security patch without any issue, but if that doesn’t work, you need to buy the 3rd app.