PUBG Mobile Global 0.8.0 Beta Update with Sanhok Map – Download & Install

PUBG Mobile Global 0.8.0 Beta Update with Sanhok Map – Download & Install

30th August 2018 3 By Devil

Player’s unknown background Mobile was released just 5 months ago and became a growing sensation with over 75 Million downloads including Apple’s App Store and Android’s Play store. It’s time for PUBG Mobile 0.8 Update See what’s new.

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PUBG Mobile 0.8.0 Beta update is now available and there are lots of new features. Starting from All new Map Sanhok, apart from Map there are lots of new features and optimisations.

Here are the detailed Change Log for the PUBG Mobile 0.8.0 Global Beta

New map and features

The new rainforest map “Sanhok” is open, players can choose the rainforest map to match in the map selection.

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  1. Reduce the additive effect of the accessories on the lumbar spread.

2. Adjusted the range of shotgun bullets, the bullets will be more densely distributed.

3. The bullet can penetrate water and hit enemies under water, but the damage will be less.

4. The M24 sniper rifle will be removed from the airdrop and will be randomly placed around the map, but the damage is balanced to 79.

5. The negative effect of the light grip is removed, and the effect is to greatly improve the shooting stability and improve the recoil recovery.

6. Optimized the fire rebound performance of the assault rifle and the SMG’s

7. Optimized the performance of the red dot sight and the 8x scope.

8. Added the ability to replace the optical sight pattern and color for the following sights: Red Dot Sight, Holographic Sight, and 2x Sight.

9. Sensitivity for 3x Scopes and 6x Scopes can be adjusted.

10. During the 6x Scope and 8x Scope zooming, the sensitivity will be dynamically adjusted according to the sensitivity of the different multiples of the scope set by the player. When using 8x Scope to 4x magnification, the sensitivity of the 4x scope setting is applied.

10. 6x Scope and 8x Scope zoom performance optimization, has been consistent with end-game performance.

11. Added the ability to view the list of spectators in the battle.

12. Automatic picking settings, such as the number of bullets, the number of Medicine, the number of grenades, etc.

13. Players can choose their own play strategy before matching to better match players who play similarly to you

14. Limited time clothing can now be decomposed, and the reward for decomposition is BP.

15. Optimized the animation during decomposition.

16. Optimized the display of the backpack menu.

17. Modified the UI to increase the image display of yourself and teammates.

18. Added the ability to throw apples on the spawn island.

19. Added new gun skins.

20. New “Boot Camp” system

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UPDATE:- There will be an update of 112MB and after installing it for some reason the language of Beta is now changed to Chinese. Stay Tuned for More updates!!

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